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  • Conditional vs. Unconditional Bail

    conditional unconditional bail
    The bail is set to secure the defendant’s future court hearings. If the defendant cannot pay a cash-bail set by the court, they have the option of hiring a bail bonds company to secure an appearance bond, if applicable.

    Conditional Bail

    Under conditional bail, there are certain conditions that apply to the defendant’s bail. These conditions are imposed to make sure that the defendant continues to make subsequent appearances in court. Should the defendant fail to adhere to these conditions, the bail is forfeited, and an immediate arrest warrant is released. There are 14 statutory conditions that can be applied, of which some of the most common ones include:

    1. Assigning a third party to supervise the person,
    2. Restraining order to stay away from a person and/or place,
    3. Travel restrictions on leaving the state of Minnesota,
    4. Random drug (or alcohol) testing,
    5. Any other court-imposed condition that the court deems necessary to ensure the subsequent appearance of the defendant.

    Unconditional Bail

    As the name suggests, unconditional bail is relatively simple and more unstructured. If the person on trial doesn’t seem to pose any flight risk or danger to others, then the judge passes in favor of an unconditional bail.

    Under this bail, the defendant is not subjected to any specific conditions but the basic two; to continue making court appearances and to live as a law-abiding citizen. The judge may also rule to release the defendant without bail if the charge and arrest record validate no threat.

    Sometimes, the defendant is given the option of choosing between the two bail bonds. At times, the conditional bail is cheaper than the unconditional bail option. However, the conditional bail bond has more restrictions for release. 

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