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  • Why You Should be Wary of Conditional Release

    Conditional Release
    When Joel Clifford was pulled over and found with 0.09 g/mL of alcohol in his bloodstream, he knew that he was in trouble for his third offense. The legal limit is 0.08g/mL. Joel was cuffed and detained, and he chose the easy way out of jail: he conceded to wearing a SCRAM—Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitor. This device determines whether or not one is drinking, based on vaporized sweat off the skin.

    Clifford probably thought the device was as “secure” and probably believed the general idea that most people who take up the SCRAM manage to remain ‘alcohol-free‘.

    He was about to find out that it was neither secure nor could he remain free under it.

    In a few weeks’ time, Clifford was cuffed again, because his SCRAM monitor showed he had been drinking—when he hadn’t been drinking. His boss could corroborate that he hadn’t been drinking. But it was the SCRAM over a three-time offender, and Clifford found himself back in jail, disgraced and desolate.

    What They Don’t Tell You about Conditional Release

    When you’re under arrest and are being grilled by the police, being released without having to post a bond sounds like a great idea. The very idea of being released without needing to post a bond is music to an inmate’s ears, and many don’t think of the consequences of being out.

    It is a ‘conditional’ release, after all, and the cons begin once you’re out.

    The Joel Clifford episode is only the tip of the iceberg. Many things can go wrong when you’re out with an alcohol monitor on your body, and as a result, you end up in jail again.

    What Are My Restrictions When I’m on SCRAM?

    SCRAM monitors are expensive. Moreover, getting the equipment and the order from the court is a tiring process. The problems don’t stop once you obtain the monitor. At times, there are additional conditions attached to the release: not only can you not drink, you can’t even be near an alcohol store (Joel Clifford had been pouring drinks—he was a bartender). Other liberties are also at risk of being taken away, to the point where you begin feeling imprisoned even while you’re out of jail.

    Your social life is seriously affected, and the very stigma of being spotted with a SCRAM monitor can have adverse effects on your mental well-being. It’s a constant disruption of your daily life—and if, by any chance, you happen to take a harmless shot with a friend, it’s back to jail with you.

    What Are My Options Other than Conditional Release?

    Even if you’ve agreed to a conditional release as you read this blog, there’s hope for you. If you were offered an unconditional bond when you were being released, we still have a shot at posting that bond.

    Reach out to us at The Local Bail Bondsman in Minnesota and we’ll help you with the payment plans. Give us a call at 763-200-5744 or fill out our Bail Bond Request Form. Whether you’re located in Owatonna, Albert Lea, Faribault, or Anoka, we can help you.
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