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Got me off the alcohol monitor. So happy!
Joseph D.
Bobby seemed to be the only one that answered his phone and actually explained things to me. He was patient, knowledgeable and very quick to get my unconditional bail bond completed. I got off the monitor after a week it was to expensive and horrible annoyance. The other companies were rude, unprofessional and appeared to hate their job. Thank you so much for being their for me and my family and helping me with a more suitable option. If you are ever arrested for a DWI, take the time to call Bobby. He will explain things that make sense and will work very hard for you. You can depend on him to get you off the alcohol monitor or to avoid it if you have the option of a unconditional bond.

Thank you, Bobby. Take care and enjoy your summer!
Bye Bye Alcohol Monitor, Hello Winery!
Kinsley W.
Bobby was fantastic, knowledgeable and a real pleasure to work with when i was stressed out. The alcohol monitor cost me alot of money for two months and it was annoying as hell. I had enough and was tired of missing wine dates with the girls and decided to post a unconditional DWI bond. I was not even aware i had a unconditional bond that could be posted until Bobby looked at my situation and guided me through the process. I posted the bond within a hour of talking with Bobby and I proudly returned my monitor back to the county.

Bye bye monitor and hello winery with the girls again!!! Do not eve do the alcohol monitor, it is a waste of time and money and very burdening in anyone's daily life. Thanks Bobby, hope to see you at the winery soon!
Great Bondsman & DWI Bond service
Tony S.
Thank you Bobby for helping me understand the negatives of a alcohol monitor vs. a unconditional bond. I went with the unconditional bond and avoided the retarded alcohol monitor as it would have cost alot more money over time! If you need a DWI bond, call Bobby he is honest and very knowledgeable and will make sure you have the facts that the jails don't provide when making a choice between a alcohol monitor or unconditional bail bond.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!!!!!!! Bobby is the best
Fast DWI bond service. Best service in the area!
Scott W.
Bobby was very helpful & friendly, Extremely professional, sincere and responsive. The other local alleged bond companies in the area either were charging way to much, weren't available or just didn't answer their phones when their office was right across from the jail. What a joke, Bobby was there for me and my family and walked me through the process and offered a great payment plan. So glad i called and avoided the "SCAMMER SCRAMMER ALCOHOL MONITOR" the jail was trying to talk me into for 24 hours, jails really seem like they try to help inmates avoid bondsman just to help the county get paid monitor fees.

Thanks again guys, very happy i found your company!
Thank you! Thank you - No alcohol monitor for me
Gabe W.
The jail was very pushy to get me to do a alcohol monitor and seemed as though they were trying to get me to avoid a bail bond. I called a bail bond company anyways and worked with Bobby. I am very happy i spoke to a professional honest bondsman that gave me facts about the monitor vs. unconditional bail which helped me make a informed decision. If you ever need a bail bond call Bobby, he will get things done for you in a fast and stress free manner. Thank you, Thank you!
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