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  • Minnesota’s Conditional and Unconditional Bail Options

    Bail Options
    Bail in Minnesota is the same as bail in other states, in theory at least: you’re arrested on a charge, there’s a bail amount settled, and you must pay it if you are to be released before the trial. Inability to pay the bail yourself isn’t the be-all and end-all either—law enforcement officers will tell you that there’s always the conditional release option.

    And that’s where you should begin using your own resources. Know your options. Know the risks involved.

    Conditional Bail/Release

    As the name suggests, there are conditions involved. The judge decides these conditions. The general conditions appear harmless enough:

    Abide by laws when out on jail
    - Make all court appearances
    - Stay in touch with your lawyer

    But as you begin picking the layers, you find out there’s more—and these conditions aren’t so innocuous after all:
    - Restrain from places that serve liquor. This means that you can’t even be in a bar, even if you’re not actually drinking.
    - Shun contact with specific persons.
    - Come in for random or regularized drug testing.
    - Must remain alcohol-free. Often, you’ll have to buy an expensive alcohol monitor for this purpose, and these monitors aren’t exactly free from error.
    - Don’t leave Minnesota.

    Unconditional Bail/Release

    Unconditional bail has no extra conditions attached to them. This is, naturally, the course of action that will cause you little stress in the long run.

    Of course, the general conditions (appear for all hearings, maintain lawyer contact, behave as a citizen, etc.) apply here as well. However, there are no further conditions such as the restriction on alcohol.

    Which to Choose?

    One of the reasons people choose conditional bail over unconditional bail so much is because since the price is set lower, it’s better. It’s not. Don’t let the lower bail amount fool you, because one mishap—one step inside a bar—and you’ll be turned in again, this time with far bigger fish to fry. These conditions aren’t so easy to meet, although they might appear easy enough on paper.

    While the onus of choice lies on you, conditional bail is highly looked down upon. It’s a constricting, deceptive procedure that is designed to keep you under constant observation.

    Additionally, the risk of being turned in again with a greater bail amount always looms high. It’s a choice between constant surveillance, tests, and expensive SCRAMs—and free release with only a small sum to pay, no strings attached.

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