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  • In Remembrance of 9/11/2001- We will never forget

    Vice President, Mike Pence truly showed not only leadership but that we are a christian nation at ground zero a few minutes ago. His Wife read the word of god and he read the Lords Prayer. Very emotional, never forget 9/11 and what our First Responders sacrificed for the city of New York . We all know a soldier that signed up, we all know a First Responder that served bravely and died for our country. Never forget our troops that volunteered and fought and died, many joined simply for retribution, others joined because of duty. Never forget our soldiers and our First Responders, they protect, they serve and they save lives. God bless america, god bless our soldiers, god bless our First Responders.

    Never forget, the families that talked to their friends, their comrades, their sons & daughters, their wife & husband, their brother & sister for the last time on 9/11/2001. The names of the fallen still pierce my heart as every one of the souls names are read at ground zero. Always remember, the pain these families feel daily, remember the pain of First Responders that carried their dead, remember the sacrifice. Never Forget, Pray for the families, pray for New York city, pray for the brave families on the planes that lost loved ones and perished on 9/11, pray for the United States.

    God Bless America, the souls of our lost on 9/11 are at peace, they are guardians of First Responders on the ground.
    Minnesota Bail Bondsman
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