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  • Here’s What You Need to Know When You’re Facing a DWI Charge

    The Consequences
    In 2015, in Minnesota alone, some 25,027 incidents of impaired driving were reported. To counter these incidents and take due action against them, the State of Minnesota takes various measures, including administrative and criminal penalties. If you want a detailed account of all that the Minnesota Statutes say about DWI charges and laws, you can go through the Minnesota Statutes, chapter 169A.

    But if you’re interested in a briefer and simpler understanding of facing a DWI charge in Minnesota, read on!

    Prohibited Behavior

    First off, you should understand that driving while you’re under the influence of alcohol level 0.8 or more is prohibited. Driving While Intoxicated with a juvenile in the vehicle who’s younger than 16 years of age is also unlawful behavior and will land you in jail. Alcohol isn’t the only substance that’s part of this equation; it could be drugs and other inebriating substances, such as marijuana.

    Additionally, once you’re apprehended and arrested, you can’t refuse a chemical test, under the Minnesota Statutes, section 169A.52. Driving cars is also not the only case that’ll land you in trouble—it extends to motorboats, motorcycles, off-road vehicles, and even snowmobiles.

    The Consequences

    You’ll face a number of administrative and criminal penalties, such as fines and jail time, if you’re arrested on a DWI charge in Minnesota. The severity of these penalties will depend on the severity of the offense and on your prior criminal record.The criminal penalties are dealt with by criminal courts whereas civil courts administer the administrative penalties (such as revoking your driver’s license). In addition to having your license revoked, you may also face license place impoundment, vehicle forfeiture, or get a limited and/or restricted license.

    Your Options

    You’ll have to serve some time in jail depending on the offense. It could be years. If you don’t want to do that, there are alternatives. The state provides some of these through long-term alcohol monitoring through a SCRAM monitor. This is one alternative that has caused trouble for several released people in the past, including sending false signals and landing the person in greater trouble. Penalty assessments and intermediate sanctions are imposed on specific cases.

    The other alternative that you have is that of bail. You can skip the jail time by paying your fine to the court. However, most people who are charged with a DWI can never pay the sum. Bail bondsmen such as the Local Bail Bonds Service helps people post their unconditional bail bonds.

    We can help you get out of the trouble with our legal expertise that spans over decades. Contact us to discuss your case today and we’ll start working on getting you out. We serve Faribault, Buffalo, Anoka, an Owatonna, and most all other areas in Minnesota. Call us at (763) 200-5744 today.
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