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    We offer bail bonds service in the State of Minnesota. We offer the lowest money down allowed by law & payment plans. We offer bail bonds near you offering conditional & unconditional bail bonds and specialize in DWI Bail Bonds. Our local bail bond agents in Minnesota are here for you and your family. The bail bond process requires navigation for you and your loved one to understand so you can make a informed decision. Our bail bond agents will review all the bail options you or your loved one has to present a road map of options for you. Particularly, when it comes to understanding the difference between a conditional and unconditional bail bond in Minnesota. Many of our clients discover after their release that they had a unconditional bail bond that they could have executed to avoid things like the color wheel, restrictions leaving state and the alcohol monitor. 

    You deserve to be informed properly and accurately when it comes to electing a conditional or unconditional bail bond for you or your loved one. The differences are very simple,  a conditional bail bond is cheaper with many restrictions and a unconditional bond costs more to avoid release conditions. Our company offers payment plans and the lowest money down allowed by law. Why is this important? The answer is simple, 70% of the time the amount of money you pay down for a conditional bail bond, may cost the same as a unconditional bail bond  when a lawful payment plan within insurance law is offered.  

    In Minnesota, the required premium to be collected to execute a bail bond in Minnesota is 10%. However, those same laws allow bail bondsmen to charge less then 10% down, as long as the required premium down required by law is collected. When less money is collected down the remaining premium of 10% is still required to be collected over time in full, this is where our interest free payment plan is beneficial for our clients. Our company offers payment plans interest free so you and your family will always have options when it comes to posting a conditional or unconditional bail bond. 
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