DWI Bail Bonds in Minnesota

DWI Bail Bonds in Minnesota
Why should you choose a DWI Unconditional Bail Bond?

Do not be suckered into the SCRAM monitor just to be told by the probation office that you will be released quickly! This is simply inaccurate, alcohol monitors are more expensive and invasive. Period. Furthermore, many jails also do not tell you that probation needs to meet with you to get you the monitor! 

Additionally, many jails simply do not like tell you that you will be hit with a required payment due at the time of receiving the alcohol monitor. If you already signed the papers and can't access your money and pay for the monitor, Guess what? Welcome to another night in the dirty icky county jail.

Our bail bondsman are fast & professional and the release process is usually pretty quick. Our bond company offers the lowest money down allowed by law & Interest free payment plans for conditional and unconditional bail bonds. We don't drag you along like the jails, we get your loved one out fast! We make sure the process is hassle free and follow up with the jails once the bond has been posted. Why would anyone want to be on a alcohol monitor, when you can be off invasive strict conditions for about half the cost over time, if not cheaper. You make the choice. You call us once, we evaluate the bond, get all the details, make a transaction with you and execute the bail bond for your friend or loved one. We have great interest free payment plans & no credit checks! Call us, let us explain things and get you a game plan for your friend or loved one that actually makes sense. 

Common reasons clients post a DWI Unconditional Bail Bond in Minnesota.

-The defendant had the option of posting a DWI unconditional bail bond instead of electing to go on the expensive and invasive alcohol monitor.

-The alcohol monitor cost was 100-300 dollars just to set up before they could get released.

-The client realized how expensive and invasive the alcohol monitor truly was over time. our client posted unconditional bail after only a few weeks on the alcohol monitor.

-The individual did not want to sit in jail on the weekend, waiting for the next business day (Monday) for probation to get the alcohol monitor set up.

-Individuals didn't realize the ridiculous cost of a alcohol monitor over time vs. DWI unconditional bail bond.

-The client learned they could post a DWI unconditional bail bond at anytime after release, and get off the alcohol monitor.

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