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    Now let’s go over the facts of a DWI Unconditional Bail Bond, why it is more cost effective over time with no alcohol conditions, invasive monitoring and quicker jail release. First of all, bail bondsman work 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, we do not make our clients wait until Monday or the following day to execute a DWI unconditional Bail Bond. We work fast for your speedy release, many jails like to alcohol monitoring companies and at time even sway inmates away from using bail bond companies. However, most experienced bail bondsman know the game and at least work to explain the two options of a monitor vs no monitor, unlike jails. A normal DWI bail bond is set at $12,000, 10% is required by insurance law to be collected however, we can collect less up front as long as we remain complaint with the minimum premium required by law. The remaining premium not collected can be set up on a payment plan offered by A-affordable Bail Bonds. We are happy to offer the lowest money down allowed by law and payment plans so our clients have options when it comes to an informed cost effective choice between conditional release and monitors vs. unconditional bail bonds in Minnesota.

    A DWI Bond is 12,000, we are able to collect 600.00 down which in return would leave a 600.00 balance that can be put on a payment plan. We can on many bond even stretch the remaining premium balance out for up to 6 months, interest free. So let’s put things into perspective, 12,000 bond – required 1,200 premium, to be compliant we collect 600.00 down and put 600.00 remaining on a payment plan for 4 months. The initial cost up front is 600.00. The cost is more upfront, however there is no daily fee like a monitor, you can be around and even consume alcohol well as no invasive 3rd party monitoring. If you were to compare overtime between daily costs of a monitor and set up fee, you are realistically saving around $1,200 in that time frame of 90 days with example from article content. You would be paying 150.00 a month with no conditions instead of $ 75.00-$100.00 a week, with one extra month of wiggle room paying your bill in full on the 4th month. It is a beautiful thing, no conditions for half the price with a speedy release. It is fact, 50% of our clients that have been on the monitor make the mistake of going onto the monitor then paying to be on a DWI unconditional bail bond after 30 days. This ends up costing double in one month because of the client switching from the monitor to an unconditional bail bond if applicable. You should make the right choice first for you or your loved one and avoid the alcohol monitor all together in Minnesota.

    Note: At 20.00 a day for 30 days on an alcohol monitor it would cost around 600.00. You could have been off the alcohol monitor initially and it would have cost the same amount at the time of your release for a 12,000 DWI Unconditional Bail Bond, with no invasive alcohol monitor.

    If you’re going to pay close to the same amount of being on the monitor in the first 30 days, why would you have not wanted to be off conditions and the monitor? It truly makes no sense, the choice is clear, call A-Affordable Bail Bonds for all your DWI Bail Bond needs in Minnesota. We will review your situation and see what the best option is for you or loved one moving forward. We inform our clients properly with decades of experience, Professional and honest you can rely on the local bail bondsman.

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