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    DWI Bail Bonds offered by A-Affordable Bail Bonds in Minnesota. We offer all Bail Bonds and specialize in DWI Bail Bonds in Minnesota. Lowest money down allowed by law & payment plans! No credit checks. We understand that folks make mistakes in life, sometimes those mistakes include having to many drinks and getting behind the wheel. A DWI in Minnesota can have long term consequences not only with with your drivers license, but also having to have the shame - whiskey plates in Minnesota. When a defendant is sentenced and required to have Whiskey license plates, this is a dinner bell for all law enforcement to pull you over at any time. It is obnoxious and very impeding on ones privacy that you may have otherwise had if you were not convicted of a DWI. When a party is faced with a DWI arrest, you typically will have the option of posting a DWI Bail Bond. There are two types of DWI Bail Bonds, Conditional & Unconditional Bail Bonds. A-Affordable Bail Bonds is here for you and your family to help you navigate the best possible option for you when it comes to a Bail Bond. 

    Conditional DWI Bail Bond
    Let's talk about the differences and the long term financial impact of choosing the correct DWI Bail Bond option. A conditional DWI Bail Bond, will always include no possession of alcohol or use of alcohol, possibly random testing and a alcohol monitor. The alcohol monitor costs anywhere from $100.00-$225.00 to set the device up and as much as $15.00-25.00 a day. The cost over time is ridiculous vs. a Unconditional DWI Bail Bond. Many jails in Minnesota like to lead some inmates into believing the alcohol monitor is a better choice over a Unconditional DWI Bail Bond. This may be the case for many that need to have a restriction from alcohol, however most this option will simply not be affordable after a few months. When you are on a conditional DWI Bail Bond, you are paying for less freedom and more restrictions, that is the easiest way conclude this type of Bail Bond. Many counties in Minnesota, will even pay for the monitor for inmates to make the deal a little juicer for the inmate. Any kind of conditional release , regardless if it is a release on own recognizance or conditional bond simply is not a good choice for most arrestees in the long term.  The most important thing to keep in mind is you are on a alcohol monitor until you are sentenced, the counties conveniently place your case out for months. This results in maximizing the daily usage fee of a alcohol monitor that benefits the 3rd party alcohol monitoring company. 

    Unconditional DWI Bail Bond
    Now, lets talk about a DWI Bail Bond that is unconditional in Minnesota. A-Affordable Bail Bonds specializes in DWI Bail Bonds, we are happy to help our clients. A Unconditional DWI Bail Bond, will not have as many additional release conditions. You will not be forced on a alcohol monitor, you can be around alcohol and you can consume alcohol in most cases. Most of the time, there will also not be weekly check ins with probation officers. The maximum bail typically set for a DWI/DUI is $ 12,000, this would cost a defendant $1,200 in total to avoid the alcohol monitor. An alcohol monitor , costs $100-225.00 to set up and $15.00-25.00 a day. Lets put this into perspective, a DWI Bail Bond - A-Affordable Bail bonds , will typically charge $600.00 down and put $600.00 on a payment plan. When you choose to do a DWI Bail Bond that is unconditional, you are really only spending $300 or so more up front to have no conditions with a affordable payment plan on the remaining premium to have more freedom.  The first month on a alcohol monitor can be as high as $300-$325.00 , why would you want to pay the same amount for more freedom and no conditions. The answer is simple, more freedom and less conditions saving money in the long term by posting a DWI Bail Bond that is Unconditional. Many defendants take the money they would have spent on the alcohol monitor after a DWI Unconditional bond is posted and hire a lawyer to defend their case. The SCRAM alcohol monitors are a money pit, that add up very quickly when you have less freedom.  

    Call the DWI Bail Bond Professionals today @ 763-200-5744 - A-Affordable Bail Bonds, we will be glad to help you navigate the bail bond process in Minnesota. Please feel free to fill out our Online Bail Form, we will review your inquiry and get back to you as soon as possible! 
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