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    Missing court when on bail in Minnesota!
    When a bond is executed for a defendant in Minnesota. The bonding agency along with the cosigners to guarantee the appearance of the bailed defendant.

    When a defendant fails to appear in court, a warrant is issued and the executed bond is forfeited. The bond company as well as the cosigner are responsible for the principle bond amount of the bond executed. The bonding agency has 90 days and up to 180 days to resolve the bond forfeiture. Many companies will send bounty hunters to hunt down their client, arrest them and return them to custody, well within the 90 day mark.

    This practice is pretty typical, as it reduces the risk of the principle bond amount executed to be absorbed by the bond company and ultimately the cosigner of the bond. This may be necessary, however it is also bad business in our humble opinion. A bond forfeiture should be able to be resolved by the originating bondsman amicably, quickly and professionally.

    If you truly are a cherished client, most bond companies will work with you to quash your warrant and execute a new bond. Many companies treat you like a number in the beginning and a problem in the end. There is no common ground typically other than to save money or make money. This of course is understandable, as the company assumes most the risk of the bond. However, is there compassion, trust and understanding to legitimately resolve the matter?

    You as a consumer still have the right to choose the best bond company for your needs, warrant or not. You have the right to call another company that would be willing to help you quash your warrant and post your new bond, if you have one. If you made some mistakes and just don’t like your existing bondsman, give us a call let’s see how we can help you out. We care about all our existing clients and all of our new ones that just haven’t called yet! All calls are confidential, if you have a failure to appear warrant, it is no different than any other warrant. We call the jail. We confirm the bail.

    A-Affordable Bail Bonds offers the lowest money down allowed by law & payment plans, no credit checks & fast service! We can post a new bond if there is one, quash your warrant and help you with a fresh start with a new bondsman and a new company! Your previous bond with another company is not our concern, your fresh start with our company is our priority.

    Call today for true honest & professional service! 763-200-5744
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