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  • Bail Bonds- What They Are and How they Work

    Bail Bonds
    You’ve probably watched TV shows in which the judge bangs his gavel and yells, “Bail is set at $10,000!” But there’s more to the bail process than this. When someone gets arrested for a crime, they’re put behind bars. They’re held in jail until their court hearing; and unless the defendant can pay the bail amount, they must remain locked up.

    What is Bail Bond?

    Simply put, bail bond is an agreement between the bail bond company and the defendant for the criminal charge set by the court.

    If the bail is set, say at $10,000, the defendant can pay 10% to a bail bond company to secure the release. Should they fail to appear in even one hearing prior to sentencing, the bond will be forfeited, and the bond company and obligor will be responsible for the principle bail bond amount. Furthermore, a warrant will be issued to the defendant.

    Understanding Bail Bonds

    Because trials can take months to begin, making bail is the top priority for most defendants. The problem for most people, though, is that they don’t have such a hefty amount to pay. Bail bonds are specifically designed to serve such people.

    A bail bond is a surety bond provided by a bond company that secures the defendant’s release from jail. The defendant seeks a bail bondsman who acts as an agent between the surety company and the defendant. To post a bail bond, the accused is required to pay 10% of the principle bail amount to the bail bond company for as surety bond.

    Assuming the bail is set for $10,000, the defendant will have to pay $1000 to the bondsman, including additional collateral if applicable to secure the bail bond. The collateral can be cash, deed or a house; and is utilized to secure high risk appearance bonds.

    As long as you appear at all court dates, the bond company will not require any more money. By the end of the trial, once the defendant is sentenced or case is dismissed, the bail bond will be discharged and the collateral returned.

    A bail bonds service can be a lifesaver for anyone who has been arrested. Therefore, it’s important to know the most reliable services that you can reach out to. The Local Bail Bondsman is a bail bonds company in Minnesota that has been helping people for the past 30 years. Offering affordable bail bonds in the state, we guarantee your release within 48 hours.

    Reach out to us whenever you need and we promise to answer your call at any time of the day!
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