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  • Alcohol Monitor Companies vs. DWI Unconditional Bail Bonds in Minnesota

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    Avoid the alcohol monitor, monitoring companies are utilized in 3rd party roles for the courts & jails. The monitoring companies also have a large scope of discretionary powers. The alcohol monitor is never a cost effective or reasonable choice for most ordinary citizens. Alcohol monitors are expensive and invasive with conditions that impede normal life for the unfortunate individuals that were suckered into the alcohol monitor. There is no reason to have to ever have to settle for being on alcohol monitor in Minnesota. Stay off the alcohol monitor and post a DWI unconditional bail bond today! We offer the lowest money down allowed by law & payment plans! No credit checks! The standard bail bond amount in Minnesota for a DWI/DUI offense is set at $ 12,000, at times the bail amount can be lower or higher depending on the arrestee’s proper criminal record and or DWI/DUI arrest record. The cost of an alcohol monitor may very well be cheaper at times upfront, which sets a true appeal to those that are trying to get out of jail quickly. An unconditional DWI Bail Bond make more sense upfront as over time—you would be off restrictions with a ability to pay with affordable payment plans, i.e there is no daily cost or the stress of looking over your shoulder because you are around alcohol. We have heard numerous stories of monitors being effected by mouthwash and even cologne from many clients, or simply because the battery goes dead.

    Alcohol Monitors and conditional release in Minnesota

    Let’s dig into the plain simple aspect of monitors vs. Unconditional DWI Bail Bonds, we will compare cost, conditions of release and what generally makes more sense for most defendants when faced with the choice of an alcohol monitor and a DWI Unconditional Bail Bond. What makes more sense? Let’s start with the average cost and elements to most alcohol monitor companies in Minnesota. First of all, the cost of an alcohol monitor simply to set up can range from $100-300 followed by $20-30 a day for the use of the monitor. The daily use can be in effective up to your first court date or until your sentencing court date that are conveniently set out for months, once you’re on the monitor. The other fact of a monitor includes acceptance, meaning your residence is within a radius of the monitor zone, as well as before 3PM on a normal work day simply to get set up on the monitor. Furthermore, you must have the ability to pay for the monitor set up service while you are sitting in jail or you are sitting longer. If you happen to get arrested on a Friday night or the weekend, you will typically only have a choice of a DWI unconditional bail bond if there is a signing judge on duty or you can sit until Monday where you will most likely be offered the amazing alcohol monitor and conditional release.

    Let’s so simple math and review the negatives of being on a monitor to give you some perspective. The average cost to set up –100-300 –so let’s say 200.00 respectfully, you court date is set out for 90 days @ $25.00 a day and you were arrested on a Friday night. The cost right out the gates is $200.00 , you can expect to pay overtime $ 2,250 for 90 days of use of the monitor, oh don’t forget you can’t be set up on the monitor on the weekends, so your sitting to pay for conditional freedom. Overall, in this case you’re looking at around $ 2,450. The conditions are typically no alcohol use or possession, this includes dining in instances at restaurants that serve alcohol by definition or if you’re in a household that has alcohol. This was only your first appearance, can you imagine if you have to go another 90 days for a second appearance? The alcohol monitor and the monitoring 3rd party companies contracted by the county jails simply makes no sense, to an ordinary person. The jails and the monitoring company’s sugar coat the monitor and make it exciting for an inmate. The excitement quickly ends over time. The good part of the monitor if there was one, you can post a unconditional DWI bail bond at any time after release even when on the monitor, if you were offered the standard 12,000 DWI Bond.

    DWI Unconditional Bail Bonds, No alcohol monitor required

    Now let’s go over the facts of a DWI Unconditional Bail Bond, why it is more cost effective over time with no alcohol conditions, invasive monitoring and quicker jail release. First of all, bail bondsman work 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, we do not make our clients wait until Monday or the following day to execute a DWI unconditional Bail Bond. We work fast for your speedy release, many jails like to alcohol monitoring companies and at time even sway inmates away from using bail bond companies. However, most experienced bail bondsman know the game and at least work to explain the two options of a monitor vs no monitor, unlike jails. A normal DWI bail bond is set at $12,000, 10% is required by insurance law to be collected however, we can collect less up front as long as we remain complaint with the minimum premium required by law. The remaining premium not collected can be set up on a payment plan offered by A-affordable Bail Bonds. We are happy to offer the lowest money down allowed by law and payment plans so our clients have options when it comes to an informed cost effective choice between conditional release and monitors vs. unconditional bail bonds in Minnesota. A DWI Bond is 12,000, we are able to collect 600.00 down which in return would leave a 600.00 balance that can be put on a payment plan. We can on many bond even stretch the remaining premium balance out for up to 6 months, interest free. 

    So let’s put things into perspective, a $12,000 bond – requires (10%) or $1,200 in premium to be collected to remain compliant. As example, We can collect 600.00 down and put the remaining $600.00 owed in premium on a payment plan for 4 months, etc. The initial cost up front is 600.00 and within compliance laws. The cost is more upfront, however there is no daily fee like a monitor, you can be around and even consume alcohol well as no invasive 3rd party monitoring. If you were to compare overtime between daily costs of a monitor and set up fee, you are realistically saving around $1,200 in that time frame of 90 days with example from article content. You would be paying 150.00 a month with no conditions instead of $ 75.00-$100.00 a week, with one extra month of wiggle room paying your bill in full on the 4th month. It is a beautiful thing, no conditions for half the price with a speedy release. It is fact, 50% of our clients that have been on the monitor make the mistake of going onto the monitor then paying to be on a DWI unconditional bail bond after 30 days. This ends up costing double in one month because of the client switching from the monitor to an unconditional bail bond if applicable. You should make the right choice first for you or your loved one and avoid the alcohol monitor all together in Minnesota.

    Note: At 20.00 a day for 30 days on an alcohol monitor it would cost around 600.00. You could have been off the alcohol monitor initially and it would have cost the same amount at the time of your release for a 12,000 DWI Unconditional Bail Bond, with no invasive alcohol monitor.

    If you’re going to pay close to the same amount of being on the monitor in the first 30 days, why would you have not wanted to be off conditions and the monitor? It truly makes no sense, the choice is clear, call A-Affordable Bail Bonds for all your DWI Bail Bond needs in Minnesota. We will review your situation and see what the best option is for you or loved one moving forward. We inform our clients properly with decades of experience, Professional and honest you can rely on the local bail bondsman.

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