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Look no further than our company when you are in need of local bail bonds in Minnesota. We have statewide locations with professional local bail bondsmen that are available to answer your calls 24/7. If you have been arrested, you do not have to sit in jail until your arraignment or court date. We will get you back to your life and your responsibilities, so you can focus on these charges. Defend yourself without being confined to the jail thanks to the bond provided to you by A-Affordable Bail Bonds. 

Our company has more than 30 years of experience, we have worked with clients facing a full range of charges. Our Local Bail Bondsman provides efficient and affordable bail bonds services that can get you released within 48 hours in Minnesota.
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Why Choose A-Affordable Bail Bonds?

  • We travel statewide to get your local bail bonds service completed , rain, shine or even in blizzards!
  • We have local bail bonds offices located right across from courthouses throughout the State of Minnesota.
  • We offer the lowest money down allowed by law & Interest free payment plans! No credit checks!
  • We have simple hassle free bail applications that can be completed within minutes.
  • Our agents are experienced , dedicated and genuinely care about your friend or loved ones situation.
  • We understand clients make mistakes, We do not judge you based of your failure to appear history.
  • We have great criminal lawyers that we have worked with for years that can be trusted and work aggressively for their clients.
  • Our company is proactive with community events that helps build trust with our bond company!
  • We do not judge our clients, We do not pick and choose local bail bonds because they are 1,000 or under bail bond.
  • All of our clients matter, when you become a client, your our client for life and part of the A-Affordable Bail Bond family.

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How Does a Bail Bond Work in Minnesota?

A bail bond is a type of bond posted by a bail bonds company in Minnesota. It's an option for defendants who can't pay the set bail amount in cash.

By taking out a bail bond, the defendant agrees that they will appear in court when required by the judge. To make use of a bail bond, the defendant has to pay a local bail bondsman 10% of the total bail amount.

Cosigners/Defendants may also have the additional requirement to secure collateral with the bail bonds company, additionally to the collected bail bond premium. Collateral may include vehicles or property, as a secondary tool to secure bail bond. If the defendant fails to attend court proceedings, the bondsman can keep possession or legal interest of the items listed as collateral in order to cover the cost of the bail bond

Any collateral secured, is only used to secure the cost absorbed by the bail bond company, should the bail bond company be required to pay the courts the full amount of the bail bond, as a result of a failure to appear of the defendant. 

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What is a Bail Bonds Company?

A bail bonds company makes bail bonds possible. They sell bonds to defendants and then pay their bail amount in full to the court. This lets the defendant leave jail before the trial. A bail bonds company makes money through the fees the defendants pay.

Of course, they risk losing the bail amount if the defendant fails to show up to court. That's why they will ask for collateral in the form of a house or car. If required, they can sell these assets to recover lost bail money. Remember that even the best bail bonds companies in Minnesota can refuse a defendant after a risk evaluation process. Not all defendants can use bail bonds, either, including those accused of acts of violence and other felony charges.